Dolman bv was established by Johan Dolman in the late 1970s. In the early days, the company was primarily engaged in the mining and transportation of sand for sand extraction projects at sites in the Netherlands including the IJssel Lake, Gooi Lake and Wadden Sea. At the same time, environmental awareness and the search for sustainable solutions was growing worldwide. With extraordinary vision, Johan Dolman was able to connect the processes for sand extraction with the demand for techniques to treat contaminated soils.

Soil Washing

Following his vision, in the mid-1980s Dolman moved into riverbed remediation and pioneered the development of innovative separation and dewatering techniques. The application of these techniques became renowned when Dolman became the first company to tackle the large-scale processing of contaminated dredged sediment from Amsterdam’s canals.

Following the acquisition of Dolman bv by Royal Boskalis Westminster nv in the early 1990s, soil washing was added to the company’s expertise and a network of sites for processing contaminated soil at competitive prices was established in the Netherlands. Over 500,000 tons of contaminated soil are processed each year at these sites. Increasingly, Boskalis Environmental’s Dolman emphasis is on the recovery and re-use of secondary raw materials resulting from these soil processing operations.

After the turn of the millennium, our focus shifted to developing mobile soil washing plants (MSWP) for deployment on projects outside the Netherlands. These plants were first used on a project in Devonport in the United Kingdom. Building on our success in the UK, we turned to the United States. Under the name Stuyvesant Environmental Contracting LLC and Stuyvesant Projects Realization Inc., mobile plants were used on large-scale sediment remediation projects at the Miami River in Florida, at Waterfront Toronto and the Lower Passaic River in New Jersey. At the Fox River in Wisconsin a permanent, fixed-base processing plant was built.

Given the growth of Boskalis Dolman, Stuyvesant Environmental Contracting LLC and Stuyvesant Projects Realization Inc activities in Europe and North America respectively, a strategic decision was made in 2012 to bring these three organizations under one new label: Boskalis Environmental. The name makes clear the relationship to our parent company, Boskalis, and our core business, environmentally sound and sustainable solutions.