Boskalis Environmental on the way to a 60% carbon reduction with biofuels

The soil washing site in Schiedam switched completely to biofuel on 1 November 2018.

Reducing carbon emissions is one of the long-term objectives for Boskalis Environmental. The company-wide use of the biofuel mixture B50, 50% of which consists of a residual product, results in an enormous reduction. This transition to biofuels is therefore an important step on the road to achieving the BKE carbon reduction target, namely a 60% reduction in 2022 by comparison with the 2011 emission level.


Haico Wevers, general manager of Boskalis Environmental: 'As an environmental company, we think it is very important to contribute to the UN climate goals, and that includes cutting our carbon emissions. Using biofuels is an important new step in that process.'


Genuinely sustainable

For Boskalis Environmental, an important element in the partnership with GoodFuels is the use of entirely sustainable residual flows that do not compete with food supplies or lead to deforestation in rainforests. GoodFuels production is supervised by an independent sustainability board that includes leading NGOs and academics.