New contract management of the Slufter dredging depot

In September 2016, Boskalis Beheer Slufter, which consists of Boskalis Environmental and Boskalis Nederland, acquired the contract for day-to-day management, maintenance and operations at the Slufter dredging depot. The contract covers a period of 5 years (2016-2021), and the client is Beheerorganisatie Slufter, which consists of the Rotterdam Port Authority and Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Directorate General for Public Works and Water).


The Slufter dredging depot was opened in 1987 to accommodate the large amount of polluted dredged material from the port of Rotterdam and the adjoining rivers. It consists of a high ring dike enclosing a basin that measures approximately 200 hectares. The total storage capacity is approximately 150 million m3. Every year, about 2 million m3 of dredged material is stored here. It is brought in by road, barge or trailing suction hopper dredger.


Boskalis Beheer Slufter is responsible for the following work:

·           acceptance of the dredged material;

·           reception and storage of dredged material;

·           management and maintenance of the entire Slufter area;

·           daily operations on the dredging depot;

·           ensuring compliance with permit obligations such as registration and monitoring.


In this way, Boskalis Beheer Slufter takes over work from the Beheerorganisatie Slufter, reducing the burden on the latter as much as possible.


More information about De Slufter can be found on the project page, activities page  or the website of Boskalis Beheer Slufter.