Official opening of the Princess Amalia viaduct with Beaumix!

The Princess Amalia viaduct on the Maasvlakte 2 was officially opened on Friday, 16 November 2018. The flyover intersection will ensure smooth access to the new container terminals in the years to come. Boskalis Nederland BV started work on the construction of the viaduct in 2017. The project has cost a total of 38 million euros. 'We are building in the port to keep a step ahead of traffic congestion. The Princess Amalia viaduct will provide future-robust access to the container terminals in the Amaliahaven and the southern section of Maasvlakte 2,' says Ronald Paul, the COO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, who opened the viaduct with Johan van der Hoek, director of Boskalis Netherlands.

The construction of the viaduct is the first large-scale project to use Beaumix since the wASH installation went operational in Alkmaar in 2016. Beaumix is ​​made from the washed bottom ash left after the incineration of domestic waste in Waste-to-Energy Plants. In the past, bottom ash could be used only subject to strict Isolation, Control and Management measures (involving sealing off the material, using it only above the groundwater level, and perpetual monitoring and follow-up measures). We use wASH to clean this bottom ash so that it can be used as a "freely applicable building material" without all these precautions and we have now been able to apply the material on a large scale in the Amalia viaduct. That saves on raw materials such as sand and so this is a good example of the circular economy as well how to recover energy from the incineration of domestic waste.

A total of 230,000 tons of processed waste was used in the Princess Amalia viaduct, which will significantly improve the traffic flow on the Maasvlakteweg section. The road was widened over a distance of five kilometers from 2x1 lane to 2x2 lanes and there is now an emergency lane on both sides. Several roads meet at the Princess Amalia viaduct: the Maasvlakteweg, Prinses Máximaweg, Maasvlakte boulevard and the Amoerweg. In addition, the railway, the pipeline cluster and the future Container Exchange Route (CER) come through here in the flyover intersection. For more background, see the news on the website of the Port of Rotterdam Authority: