Enhanced Soil Washing

Boskalis Environmental is a leader in the large-scale washing of soil and mineral waste materials (from sewers, drains, pumping stations and street sweeping waste; incinerator bottom ash [IBA]). We manage and guide the entire process, from inspection and planning to transportation and disposal of the various material streams.

Membrane presses

Our clients benefit from two distinct types of plants:

1. Mobile Soil Washing Plants (MSWPs), developed entirely by our in-house engineers, are unique modular construction units, which can be deployed anywhere in the world at short notice. Soil washing using these plants involves physical-chemical separation, whereby clean elements are separated from contaminated parts.

2. Permanent soil-washing sites can also be built upon request. In the Netherlands we have five such permanent soil-washing sites: BMR Schiedam, SBD Amersfoort, BVNN BKD Groningen, GBD Alkmaar and BVNN BKD Heerenveen. At these sites materials such as asbestos-contaminated soil, dredged sediment, sand from sewers, contaminated roof gravel, contaminated granulate and stony materials are processed. In addition, washed sand and recycled soil are also supplied from these sites. In the United States, for the Fox River Sediment Remediation project a permanent, 247,000 square foot processing facility was engineered, designed and constructed all within a year from the time the contract was awarded.