Beneficial use

A direct result of our work is the production of secondary raw materials. Boskalis Dolman and its sister company Boskalis Nederland have established the joint venture Boskalis Secundaire Grondstoffen bv to trade these secondary raw materials obtained during projects, as well as supervise the processing and beneficial use of dredged sediments in the Netherlands.

The staff of Boskalis Secundaire Grondstoffen has extensive knowledge of both the market for secondary raw materials as well as the current regulations, approvals and certificates. The company handles the entire process from acquisition, sediment depot inspection and consultation with the competent authorities up to and including transportation and final processing of soil at the re-use sites. The company has also established soil banks for various infrastructure projects.

Boskalis Secundaire Grondstoffen has developed several digital testing modules that can be used to quickly and accurately determine soil quality and ascertain the optimal disposal options. Boskalis Secundaire Grondstoffen has achieved major logistical benefits with project certifications (BRL9335) on Boskalis Nederland projects.

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