Project: The Slufter, Rotterdam

Depot management

In recent decades, Boskalis Environmental has specialized in the design,  management, maintenance and dismantling of large dredging depots. These depots are sometimes used for the temporary storage of dredged sediments before the sediments are processed into building material. 

The Slufter, Maasvlakte

Boskalis Environmental is responsible for, among other things, management, maintenance and operations at the Slufter dredging located on the Maasvlakte near the port of Rotterdam. With a surface area of approximately 200 hectares and a storage capacity of 100 million cubic meters, this is the largest dredging depot in the Netherlands. Boskalis Environmental has been working here since 2011 with Boskalis Nederland in the Boskalis Beheer Slufter consortium. The contract was signed recently for the for the continuation of the management, maintenance and operational activities until 2021.