Incinerator bottom ash washing

After a period of research and development, Boskalis Environmental has successfully designed a process for washing incinerator bottom ash for use as a freely applicable building material.  In July 2016, the joint venture Boskalis Environmental and HVC started operations in the world's first fully- integrated bottom ash washing plant in Alkmaar. The official opening was on 10 October 2016. For Boskalis Environmental the results of the collaboration with HVC will enlarge the home market for soil washing and constitute a step towards entering other markets in Europe.

A9, junction Badhoevedorp

With the experience we have acquired, we can work with our clients to deliver the best-designed solution for washing incinerator bottom ash. As well as engineering the most efficient washing process, we have also paid careful attention to the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our fully-integrated wet process allows us to recover precious metals from the finest fractions.

Research and Development leads to start construction in January 2016

The main emphasis in 2013 was on the optimization of the physical and environmental quality issues relating to the sand, granulate and on water quality. In 2014 the focus was on research to further enhance the efficiency of the recovery of the non-ferrous materials from both the granular fraction and the sand fraction. The work included the integration of the washing process with the bottom ash treatment plant with the aim of achieving a further reduction in costs. In 2015 the research project was successfully completed and the concept developed through detailed engineering. The license for washing was applied for and granted. January 2016 is the historic milestone of starting the construction of the new large-scale system.