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Ministry of Finance



MEOB site Oegstgeest

The MEOB site (Marine Elektronisch Optisch Bedrijf) at Oegstgeest was formerly used by the Royal Netherlands Navy for the maintenance and production of electronic, precision-engineering and optical equipment. After 1998 these activities were transferred to Den Helder and the Oegstgeest MEOB site was designated to be remediated.

Boskalis Dolman was commissioned by the Ministry of Finance’s real estate and development division to handle the remediation of the MEOB site. Our responsibilities included excavating, transporting and washing of around 10,000 tons of soil contaminated with cadmium. We were also responsible for removing various types of debris, as well as for backfilling and compaction of replacement sand.

The contaminated soil was sent to the BMR Schiedam regional soil washing center and the clean sand came from a project run by our affiliated company Boskalis Nederland. Because the project had to be completed within a short time frame and needed to dovetail with various other projects ongoing at the site, good preparation and planning were especially critical.