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Smink Handel en Aanneming / Boskalis Dolman

Phase 2 of the Laarder Wasmeren cleanup

As a result of untreated discharges in the past, the waterbeds of the Laarder Wasmeren lakes had become contaminated with heavy metals. Waternet (formerly part of the City of Amsterdam authority) decided to clean up the area as part of the ongoing redevelopment of the ‘Anna’s Hoeve’ nature reserve in Hilversum, in the central Netherlands.

In 1999 and 2000 Boskalis Dolman processed the dredged sediments from the Wateren 1 project, the first cleanup project in the area, at the Jan van Riebeeck harbor in Amsterdam. We continued to operate a processing plant for dredged sediments at this site for 15 years on behalf of the City of Amsterdam (See project DWR Amsterdam).

The second stage of the Laarder Wasmeren remediation project was carried out by Boskalis Dolman in cooperation with Smink. Work got underway in September 2009 and in December 2010 and once the remediation work was completed, we released the area.

A total of 130,000 tons of dredged sediment were disposed of and 22,000 tons of sediment were beneficially reused in infrastructure.