Facts and Figures

Port of Rotterdam


Botlek, Rotterdam

TIC Morcon, Rotterdam

The former TIC / Morcon industrial site is situated in the Botlek area of the port of Rotterdam. The soil at the site contains a high concentration of BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes) and volatile organochlorine compounds and requires remediation prior to the creation of a new business park.

Boskalis Dolman, together with our sister company Boskalis Nederland, was commissioned by the Rotterdam Port Authority to clean up the industrial site. The high concentration of BTEX and VOCs in the soil means that this is a so-called 3T2F remediation, a classification requiring the strictest safety and occupational health measures. In light of this we appointed a senior safety expert to supervise the project and constantly monitor the ambient air using various detectors.

Depending on the physical and chemical composition of the soil, extractive or thermal cleaning methods were being used. Soil suitable for extractive cleaning was taken to the BMR Schiedam washing site, with a total of around 27,000 tons of contaminated soil is removed and cleaned. 

The excavation work involved both well-point pumping and surface pumping. For excavation work close to the quay we installed sheet piling to stabilize the subsoil. 

Because the groundwater was heavily contaminated, it was processed in a groundwater treatment plant before being discharged into the port.