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Gemeente Harderwijk



Boskalis Nederland, Synchroon and Koopmans / TBI-bouw

Waterfront at Harderwijk

Recently, the municipal authority of Harderwijk gave the green light for the redevelopment of the area surrounding the ‘Dolfinarium’ and ‘De Haven’ industrial estate. The project, called ‘Harderwijk Waterfront’, involves the construction of a new inner harbor, a beach island and a new promenade, as well as new homes.

The municipal authority selected a consortium established by Boskalis Nederland, Synchroon and Koopmans/TBI-bouw as its development partner. The consortium will execute the entire project, from the demolition of old business premises to the construction and selling of new homes and is also responsible for all the required surveys, designs and permits.

Boskalis Dolman together with Boskalis Nederland is responsible for the land remediation and for an optimal 'soil-flow' policy. The project site includes an area with asbestos-contaminated soil, which must be cleaned up inside the project area to avoid it posing a health risk to local residents.

A major area of concern during the construction of the new inner harbor is the significant contamination of the groundwater with chlorinated hydrocarbons from former laundry facilities.

The kick-off of the project will depend on when the businesses move out and various permit procedures are completed. See the Harderwijk Waterfront website for more information on the project.